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Top Tips For Freelancers Navigating the “New Normal.”

Top Tips For Freelancers Navigating the New Normal
Navigating the work front in the era of Covid-19 can be daunting. So much has changed, seemingly overnight, and who knows when, or if, we will ever return to life as we once knew it. When considering the coronavirus and freelancing, creatives have to think outside the box to keep their business and income consistent....
July 2, 2020

Global Pandemic Kick Starts The Freelance Revolution

With the global pandemic of Covid-19 still wreaking havoc on the economy, businesses and agencies are relying on freelancers now more than ever in a desperate attempt to cut costs by reducing the amount of permanently employed staff.                     According to Forbes (2020), research suggests that...
June 12, 2020

Uklic Freelance Platform Gets Recognised

uklic compare camp
Uklic Freelance Platform Gets Recognised as 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Honours From Platform for Software Reviews Our goal for launching Uklic had been straightforward: we wanted to create an online marketplace where freelancers and online buyers can meet and carry out their business securely. While the satisfaction of our users is fuel...
March 13, 2020

Why Freelance Platforms are the Future of Business

Freelance Platforms are the Future of Business
The workforce structure is constantly changing. Back then, companies employed individuals for 20-30 years and ended their service with pension once they hit minimum retirement requirements. Today, workers juggle as many as 10 jobs before reaching 40. By the time they stop working, they would have had an average of 15 jobs, according to the...
February 13, 2020

Keyword Research | The Importance of SEO

doin keyword research
Keyword research is a fundamental part of online marketing of all kinds, and is especially relevant for freelance writers, online publishers, and bloggers. Compelling content is favoured by search engines, but if you don’t use the words people are actually interested in and actively searching for, you’re missing a lot of traffic. But the value...
November 28, 2019

4 Instagram Post Tips for Freelance Writers

  1. Post Meaningful Content   The audience are the judges and jury.  Engagement typically means your audience likes your content , a photo with a face performs almost 40% better than a photo without a face. Human fascination helps viewers better connect with you. Crack a grinning smile, take a selfie and overlay it with...
November 23, 2019

What is SEO and Choosing the Right Keywords | Uklic

what is seo
What is SEO? SEO is the process of improving web pages so that they can rank higher in search engines for a specific keyword or phrase. SEO is divided in two categories: on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation it refers to every method you use that change the page code; off-page optimisation equals link...
November 15, 2019

Work from home Opportunity: Grow your Agency or work from home with Uklic

Work from home or growing your business Opportunities are endless today, especially with the internet at our finger tips. While growing a business or working on the side, many believe it’s very important to attend conferences and other networking opportunities to brand and sell their services. Many Entrepreneurs, often attended annual conferences, expos and hundreds...
November 12, 2019

[:en]How Technology will Drive growth in Africa[:]

technology in africa
[:en]How Technology will Drive growth in Africa. Who would have thought how technology will drive growth in Africa? Think back 19 years, did you ever imaging we would be communicating with each other on mobile devices, using platform like What’s app. How we’re Sharing and consuming written, audio and video content through 6 different platforms...
November 11, 2019