[:en]How Technology will Drive growth in Africa[:]

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[:en]How Technology will Drive growth in Africa. Who would have thought how technology will drive growth in Africa?

Think back 19 years, did you ever imaging we would be communicating with each other on mobile devices, using platform like What’s app.

How we’re Sharing and consuming written, audio and video content through 6 different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat.

Even better, could you have imagined putting trust into an app like google maps?  Taking instruction from an application which navigates us from point A to Point B and if we wish, it will tell us which route to avoid because of heavy traffic.

We can only imagine what will be next

Encase you’ve not heard Google has announced that it will be building a powerful new internet cable spanning from Europe to Africa,


  • Google has confirmed that it will build a new undersea cable from Portugal to South Africa.
  • The cable will have 20 times more network capacity than the latest undersea cable that links Europe with South Africa.
  • The project should be completed by 2021.



Google boasts that the cable will incorporate optical switching at the fiber-pair level, rather than the traditional approach of wavelength-level switching.

Giving Google the flexibility to add and reallocate it in different locations as needed.


What does this mean for Africa and South Africa?


More and more people will be able to be connected, it means reliable internet connectivity, hopefully it will become free or cheaper.

Users will be able to access more content, driving online learning through institutions or free content on YouTube.

We will most likely see more users working remotely and either for big businesses or for themselves.


Digital opportunities and the way we do business in Africa and South Africa is going to grow and continue growing.[:]

November 11, 2019