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what is seo

What is SEO? SEO is the process of improving web pages so that they can rank higher in search engines
for a specific keyword or phrase. SEO is divided in two categories: on-page
optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation it refers to every
method you use that change the page code; off-page optimisation equals link
popularity (more on this later)

Choosing the right keywords

The centre of optimisation are the keyword phrase(s) for which you want a high
ranking in search engines result pages (SERP’s). When you choose you keyword
phrase you must take in consideration primarily your market (they must reflect
what you sell) , the number of searches for it and the competition for that
particularly keyword phrase.

Let’s take an example: online freelancer jobs.

Using a keyword research tool

Many may try to optimise for “freelancer” due to its large number of searches. The
problem with this keyword (other than the competition for it) is that is not targeted
for your market, the people searching for this keyword might look for none digital temp
related sites. Even “online freelancer” isn’t going to bring the targeted traffic.
There are many other terms related to your market and, once they are found, an analysis of
the competition and the searches for each term must be done in order to
determine an optimal report between how competitive a keyword phrase is and
how hard is to attain a top 10 position for it in SERP’s.

You must keep in mind that:

  • Search engines consider web pages not entire sites so optimisation must
    be done for each page in particular
  • The more targeted a keyword phrase is the less traffic it gets, but that
    traffic will provide people interested in your product or service so the
    conversion rate is higher. This indicator is reflecting the percentage of
    people converted into buyers so the higher the better.
  •  Decide on two or three highly targeted phrases for each page of your site
November 15, 2019