Top Tips For Freelancers Navigating the “New Normal.”

Top Tips For Freelancers Navigating the New Normal

Navigating the work front in the era of Covid-19 can be daunting. So much has changed, seemingly overnight, and who knows when, or if, we will ever return to life as we once knew it.

When considering the coronavirus and freelancing, creatives have to think outside the box to keep their business and income consistent.




Freelancers have to get proactive if they want to remain front-of-mind and relevant. It’s an “adapt-or-die” approach that requires more resilience and drive than ever before.

Thankfully, we live in the digital age, and there are numerous online resources available for freelancers affected by Covid-19. It is crucial to network, stay in touch with old and new clients, and tap into online sites that connect freelancers and employers.




Top sites include:


Be proactive – contacting business connections and letting them know you are actively seeking work, or merely updating your profile on some of these freelancing sites may prove fruitful for creatives navigating the new normal.




Join a Facebook community where you can network with other freelancers and bounce ideas off people who are in a similar industry to yours. Reaching out to other creatives across the globe on one of these social groups is an excellent means of emotional support, not just business networking.






Top online communities for freelancers include:

⦁ Freelance Content Marketing Writer (Facebook)
⦁ Freelance South Africa (Facebook)
⦁ Freelance United Kingdom (Facebook)
⦁ The Resource (Facebook)


While the pandemic has certainly impacted the global economy negatively, it has also created unique opportunities for writers, designers, and countless other freelancers – forcing them to rethink their businesses and take the necessary steps to evolve. The positive take-away is that “we’re all in this together,” Kenny Keil, artist and writer, reminds us. “By standing strong and united during this uncertain time, mining opportunities and networking along the way, freelancers can weather this storm and come out on top.” (Keil, 2020).

Article Written by:
Haylea Heyns



July 2, 2020