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Work from home or growing your business

Opportunities are endless today, especially with the internet at our finger tips.

While growing a business or working on the side, many believe it’s very important to attend conferences and other networking opportunities to brand and sell their services. Many Entrepreneurs, often attended annual conferences, expos and hundreds of networking events per year.  Normally the result would be a handful of promising and a couple of potential leads.

Typical most set an expectation to follow up with the contacts made at these events. Unfortunately we often find that we get busy and the follow up never happens.  Others may not be as fortunate to attend these kind of events, you may find many are working a Job full-time or studying or waiting to find that perfect opportunity.

Today Agencies, entrepreneurs, start up businesses, work from home moms, students or Freelancer can now save time.  They can focus on growing their business, outsource certain functions or just make extra money on the side with Uklic.

Uklic is the #1 platform, creating unlimited opportunity for the South African and African market.

The opportunities with Uklic are endless

Uklic gives the small creative designer in London, Johannesburg or Perth the opportunity to showcase his or her work.  Giving the young programmer in Limpopo the opportunity to code in his or her spare time to make extra money.  The young journalist in Edinburgh the opportunity to write content or the Mommy in Soweto to now do PA and appointment setting jobs from home.

If you’re a small business, start-up or simply looking to work from home and want to use your skill or talent.

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November 12, 2019